Northern Mallee Community Partnership

Strong Partnerships, Stronger Communities


What is Northern Mallee Community Partnership?

Northern Mallee Community Partnership is a backbone organisation that draws from local organisational partnerships to facilitate collective action towards community development and social change. Its primary mission is to help achieve the key strategies set out in the Community Health and Wellbeing Plan 2013-17


The Northern Mallee Community Partnership (NMCP) was officially launched by the Victorian Minister for Health, David Davis on November the 7th 2013. The NMCP amalgamates the Mildura Rural City Council's Community Engagement Framework with the Northern Mallee Primary Care Partnership to establish the platform for a true Community Sector Partnership incorporating health, Education, local government, police, justice and welfare sectors to be at the same table, working on the same issues under a coordinated facilitated approach.

The NMCP is responsible for maintaining and progress the Victorian Primary Care Partnerships key functions

 Primary Care Partnerships (PCP) are unique to Victoria and have been in operation since the year 2000, as an initiative of the Victorian Government and funded by the Department of Health. There are 31 PCPs in Victoria. The NMCP has a geographical area covering the Mildura Rural City Council and the town of Robinvale.

What we do

The role of the PCP is to facilitate a partnership between community based organisations, to work together to improve the health and wellbeing of the community they represent.

Our Priorities

The PCP program logic for 2013-17 has three integral domains:

        * Early intervention and integrated care
        * Consumer and community empowerment
        * Prevention

It is expected that PCPs apply comparatively equal action across all domains. These domains are supported by six enablers, which are:
        * Governance
        * Partnerships
        * Workforce
        * Consumer and community engagement
        * E-health
        * Continuous quality improvement

Our Structure