At NMCP, our work is evidence based, and informed by the following:

State of Mildura Rural City’s Child and Young People 2014

Mildura Social Indicators 2012

Mildura Social Indicators 2008

Mildura Social Indicators 2006

Australian Early Development Census

The Victorian Child and Adolescent Monitoring System (VCAMS)

VicHealth Mildura (RC) Statistical Profile, December 2014

TurningPoint AOD Stats

Victorian Government Crime Statistics

Publications by NMCP

Hands Up Mallee Directions Paper

Project Ice Mildura Evaluation 2014

Guiding Frameworks

Department of Health and Human Services Strategic Plan

Victoria’s 10 Year Mental Health Plan

Victorian Suicide Prevention Framework 2016-2025

MRCC Community Health and Wellbeing Plan 2013-17

Primary Care Partnership Program Logic 2013-17

Rural Social Inclusion Framework: A Complete Resource

Rural Social Inclusion Framework: The Evidence